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State of the art laser cutting and laser engraving machines
Here at CadCam Technology we are commited to providing the highest quality, most advanced laser cutting and engraving systems on the market. Because our machines are designed, developed and manufactured by our highly trained in-house engineers we are able to constantly improve our products making sure our worldwide network of customers receive the best laser cutting and engraving solution possible.

Our laser cutting machine range

Contour Cut Vision

Contour Cut Vision automates the process of cutting out printed fabric quickly and accurately, automatically compensating for any distortions and stretches that occur in unstable rolls of textile.

Active Motorised De-Reeler

Material is presented to the conveyor using our motorised roll handling system. As the roll unwinds, a loop is created in the material. This loop is kept constant with the use of a light sensor.

Flatbed laser cutting machines

FB Series CO2 laser cutting and laser engraving machines Industry leading, high performance flat bed laser cutting machines.

Galvo laser cutting and engraving

FB Series CO2 laser cutting and laser engraving machines Graphixscan high speed galvo laser cutting and laser engraving machines.

Introducing: Contour Cut

Our innovative Laser cutting system for dye sublimation printed fabrics

Laser cutting applications

See our machines in action and some of the applications in which they are used

Laser cutting developments

Take a peek at our very latest developments here at CadCam Technology

Summa acquires CadCam Technology

Summa Press Release - 10/10/2018

Summa and CadCam Technology, an expert in innovative laser technologies for the textile industry, join forces through a merger of their businesses. Summa acquires CadCam Technology Ltd. and its subsidiary GS UK Ltd. to strengthen its position as the leading manufacturer in finishing equipment for printing and cutting purposes. The merged business will continue as before and will complement each other in order to offer customers even better solutions.
CadCam Technology (CCT), with headquarters in Nottingham, United Kingdom, is developer and manufacturer of highly advanced laser cutting and laser engraving machines. Moreover, CCT has an extensive history of software development and is the pioneer of integrating vision systems and camera recognition into finishing equipment. Their innovative nature has ensured the company is still leading in technology and product development today. The main markets are soft signage, garment and garment embellishment, with major customers in the automotive, solar panels, sportswear and footwear industries.
In close collaboration with CCT, its subsidiary GS is an important UK distributor and test center of CCT equipment. Through the distribution of equipment, software and supplies, GS has a very strong relation with the textile industry. Their excellent reputation in the market brings a lot of opportunities to further grow the garment and garment embellishment business.
"We have seen a substantial growth in Summa in recent years and the acquisition of CCT is a real milestone for us," said Erwin Vandousselaere, CEO of Summa. "The complementary with Summa is remarkable, at which CCT is very innovative and experienced in the garment industry. Together we will be stronger to achieve further growth."
The specialization of CCT is offering customized solutions based on their product range and core technologies, while Summa has proven to develop and produce highquality product series. By combining both teams, the organization has experts on all levels.
"With Summa, I am fully convinced that CCT will have continuity through their worldwide network and well-developed sales and marketing capacities," said John Bell, Founder of CCT and GS UK. "We have been working together since the early nineties, where CCT uses Summa's controllers and Summa uses CCT's software. That makes Summa our ideal partner to enlarge the business."
Through the acquisition, Summa expands its technology resources in the sign industry with a focus on the textile industry in every key region of the world. The ambition is to fully concentrate on increased geographical, as well as market expansion and to release new innovative products. In time, the Summa product portfolio will be enriched with a cutting edge laser product line.
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