Laser safety

Health and safety using laser cutting machines At CadCam Technology Ltd the health and safety of our customers and machine operatives is paramount which is why each and every one of our laser cutting machines has a class 1 product rating.

Class 1 Laser Product means that no access is permitted to the laser or cutting area during operation, reducing the risk of direct or reflected exposure from the laser to the operator.

Laser cutting safety features

Safety interlocks are fitted to every machine to ensure that the laser will not fire when the lid is opened.

This provides a safe working environment for both the operator of the laser cutter but also any people who happen to be around the machine.

Polycarbonate Lid
Each one of our machines come fitted with a polycarbonate lid.

These lids have been specially designed to reduce the glare of the laser beam, they also stop any reflected beams leaving the cutting area keeping your operators and working area safe.
All of our machines are manufactured in a professional and safe environment with highly skilled and experienced designers and engineers. We use our own high quality component parts and the best safety equipment available.

Each machine is fitted with an extraction motor to remove any harmful fumes, gases or dust during cutting.

We also provide comprehensive training with our experienced engineers around the world to ensure that our customers know how to operate the laser cutters safely and responsibly. Our engineers will also demonstrate how to align and maintain your machine using the correct procedures and tools to make sure that you get the most out of your laser cutting machine.

Please feel free to download PDF brochures of our laser cutting and engraving machines. Click below.
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